Hydraulic tools

Hydraulic tools

Hydraulic tools are extremely beneficial when requiring high power, in limited space. We supply a wide range of tools that can be used in all kinds of applications.

Our hydraulic pullers are designed for tough industrial applications and are available in capacities from 5 ton through to 44 ton. Designed to ensure effective and reliable operational use for many years to come.

Our hydraulic spreaders can be recommended for lifting machines and/or other heavy construction equipment. Alternatively, to pry open closed doors, or to free lodged items in the toughest of environments.

Also available, hydraulic side and end cutters, trolley jacks, bottle jacks, axle stands, special jacks, lifting systems, automotive kits, push and pull kits, king pin press and spring compressors. If you require; to lift, pull or push an object – then you can rely upon REHOBOT products to optimize performance.

Frequently asked questions

I need to lift / push / pull / spread / cut something - what equipment should I use?

REHOBOT Hydraulics products are designed and manufactured to be both versatile and efficient. Whether for a specific operational task, or for use across multiple applications, the REHOBOT product line will ensure that you secure the very best solution available. We recommend that you contact us directly should you require technical assistance to ensure that you select the most suitable equipment.

Where can I get a spare part for my hydraulic tool?

Spare parts and accessories are readily available for all your REHOBOT Hydraulics products. Quality genuine parts and accessories underpin our commitment to deliver market leading after sales and support capabilities for our customers. Please do not hesitate to contact us to resolve your needs.

Who can I contact for more information on these products?

If you have any questions or would like a quotation – please do not hesitate to contact us. You can either e-mail us at info@rehobot.se or call us at +46 (0)16 – 16 82 00. We speak English, Swedish and Russian.


  • Wide range of hydraulic tools
  • From simple products to complete solutions
  • Flexible, easy to use and robust solutions
  • Tools for use in different industrial applications
  • Extensive range of accessories and spare parts